Our Coaches

Our Coaches


Tierre Berger (MA, BA, CPC, CAMS-I)

Life Coach

Tierre Berger is an Executive Coach, Mentor, Author, and Master Communicator, who is affectionately known as the Coaches’ Coach. Tierre specializes in Executive Laser Coaching, which focuses on identifying root issues quickly, so they can be addressed in a healthy fashion. He also does a component of youth mentoring and coaching, which helps the youth achieve clarity and direction. If you’re ready to go to the next level and achieve enlightenment, I can help you improve your lifestyle and reach your desired goals.

Jacquelyn Berger (RN, BSN, BA, NC, CFNMP)

Nurse Coach

Jacquelyn Berger is a professional Nursing Coach, Mentor, and Author. Jacquelyn is a highly sought-after holistic Health and Wellness Nursing Coach. Recently Awarded in May of 2023 by Women in Medicine. Top Doctor highlighted as top naturopathic holistic wellness nurse in Forney Texas as a provider for holistic care. In 2017, Jacquelyn was nominated and honored with the “Top 100 Nurses” award for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Having demonstrated superior contributions to the art and science of nursing, she upholds high standards of accountability when it comes to Health and Wellness coaching.

If you wish to work on any stagnant areas of your life and just can’t seem to get it going, Nurse Coach Jacquelyn is here to lend a helping hand. Through her powerful questioning, further enhanced by her year’s worth of experience as a Nurse/Life Coach, she can help you focus on any part of your life that requires a bit of polishing, so you can enjoy this world to the fullest. For people who wish to get better through a holistic lifestyle approach to their health and wellness, Jacquelyn Berger really is the perfect life coach. Jacquelyn is currently practicing as a Certified functional Nutritional Medicine practitioner.

tie & jac

Tierre & Jacquelyn

Relationship Coaches

Tierre and Jacquelyn Berger together offer a unique approach to marital relationship coaching. This husband-and-wife power duo has shared their relationship expertise for more than 17 years to help hundreds of individuals rebuild and strengthen their marital relationships through the word of God. They realized that making God central to any relationship is essential for its success, so they promoted this message to every marital union. Equipped with the keen awareness and an understanding that people who seek out relationship coaching aren't looking for a clinical diagnosis, this couple instead applies a more holistic approach to strengthening the bond of your relationship. Are you considering hiring a relationship coach to improve your marriage? Are you and your partner stuck on the same issues and fighting more often? Does one or both of you want out of the relationship? Do you think or know one of you has had an affair or is thinking of having an affair? Hiring a relationship coach may help you get to the root issues that are causing a disconnect in your relationship. A relationship coach can help to improve your marriage and help restore the grounds of trust and respect. You need Mr. and Mrs. Berger on your team to see this mission to success!